A step by step guide to understanding how to create beautiful naturally dyed textiles with consistent & long-lasting results.

Learn how to extract colour from plants & naturally dye fibre, fabric & textiles. This 8-week course covers everything you need to know to extract dye from plants and create beautiful long-lasting natural colours. With immediate access to videos, tutorials & downloads, this self-paced course can be accessed 24/7 when it suits you most.


An introduction to Natural Dyeing & The Colourway was inspired by my love for the natural world & plant-based colour. I have created this course to help you understand & guide you through the processes involved in extracting dye from plants & successfully applying this to fibres, fabrics, textiles & garments. 

Learning any new skill for the first time can be overwhelming & at times daunting so I have created this course with the beginner in mind. 

Sharing the incredible beauty & magic of plant dyes with others is where my passion lives & I cannot wait to share the course with you. I hope you enjoy it! 

x Kathryn

What does this course cover?

This self-paced 8-week workshop covers everything you need to know to understand the foundational skills in natural dyeing & successfully apply these skills. After completing this course you will be able to successfully prepare your fibres for dye, extract colour from plants & dye your fibres with safe, non-toxic natural plant colour.

  • Over 34+ downloads of course material.
  • Tools & equipment needed to get started.
  • Understanding natural fibres and how to work with the different types of fibre.
  • Video tutorials on scouring cellulose & animal fibres.
  • Mordanting, what it is, which mordants to use & how to use them.
  • Detailed instructions & video tutorials on how to successfully mordant natural fibres.
  • Guides to sources of natural colour.
  • Gathering & foraging natural dye plants.
  • How to prepare your plants & create dye baths.
  • How to dye natural fibres.
  • How to modify your colours & expand your palette.
  • How to work with iron.
  • Creating an iron bath & other modifiers.
  • Washing & aftercare.
  • Ratios & weights.
  • Keeping a dye journal
  • Resources, suppliers & so much more.

Course Curriculum

  Welcome to this workshop
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  Step 1: Understanding Fibre
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  Step 2: Preparing fibre for dye
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  Step 3: Mordanting
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  Step 4: Gathering & preparing plants
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  Step 6: Dyeing Natural Fibre
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  Modifying your colours & expanding your palete
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  Step 7: Washing & Aftercare
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  How much of everything do I need?
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Who is this course for?

Foraging for plants, extracting natural colours & dyeing fibres, textiles or garments is an incredibly rewarding & deeply satisfying process. The skills of natural dyeing can stand alone or lend themselves to many creative pursuits.

This course is for anyone:

  • Interested in natural dyeing & not sure where to start.
  • Thoes wanting to reconnect to the natural world through plants & natural colour.
  • Interested in learning a new hobby or skill.
  • Have you experienced past challenges with the process & need help or guidance?
  • Would you like to learn how to naturally dye your clothes, fabric or fibres?
  • Want to naturally dye safe, non-toxic naturally dyed products for your business.
  • Are you confused with the information out there & want a clear & simple guide to follow.
  • Are you a stylist or photographer wanting to dye your props or textiles.
  • Are you interested in plants, colour, textiles or fibre?
  • Are you a knitter or crafter wanting to expand your creative skills?
  • Interested in textiles arts & want to incorporate naturally dyed fibres into your practice.

This course is closed for enrollment.

frequently asked...

What information will I find in this course? 

The course is divided into 11 sections. An introduction to the course, Understanding fibre, Preparing fibre for dye, Mordanting, Gathering & preparing plants, Dyeing natural fibre, Modifying your colours & expanding your palette, Washing & aftercare, Ratios & weights, Dyeing with kitchen ingredients, and a bonus section with a downloadable natural dye journal, resources & helpful downloads.

When does this course start & finish?

The course begins & can be assessed as soon as you enrol. As this course is self-paced, you can move through the information on your schedule, moving through quickly or taking your time over a longer period.

How is the information presented?

The course is laid out in 11 main sections, with video/audio tutorials, text & downloadable guides. Each section has text & photos with the instructional aspects having video & text.

Will I need to purchase equipment to participate in this course?

To get started with the very basics of natural dyeing all you need is a dye pot, stove or hot plate, water, dye plants or kitchen waste, a wooden spoon, strainer & something to dye. Many tools and pieces of equipment can be purchased inexpensively or sourced from your kitchen. To continue with your journey & get the most from this course you will need to purchase a few different powdered ingredients which I list in the first section.

How long do I have access to the course?

I for one know how busy our lives can be especially when we have work, responsibilities or obligations that take us away from our hobbies, passions & interests. That is why I have made this course available for 12 months from the date of purchase.

I don't live in Europe, can I still take this course?

This foundational course was designed for those that cannot attend my in-person workshops & still want to learn about natural dyeing. The material in the course can be accessed from anywhere at a time that suits you best.

Can I access this course on my tablet, iPad or mobile phone?

Yes, this online course in natural dyeing is optimised for all devices as long as you have a internet connection, you can access it from anywhere.

Do you have any other ways for me to learn about natural dyeing?

You can join my monthly membership, The Colourway: A seasonal guide to natural plant colour where I share an in-depth look at seasonal plant colours. My new book, Natural Dyeing: Learn How to Create Colour & Dye Textiles Naturally guides you through the process of natural dyeing with recipes, guides & projects to develop your skills & build your confidence. I have a few tutorials on natural dyeing which you can find on my blog. You can follow me on Instagram @kathryn_davey or attend a workshop, details of which are regularly updated on my website kathryndavey.com.